Haus project

HAUS PROJECT is an ongoing restoration of a ground-floor (and finished basement) total of 360 m2 home and studio. The building was built in 1888 and is structurally in excellent condition, thanks to it’s own, Herr Klein.

The floors throughout the space – aside from the front entrance room, where covered in MDMF board and grey linoleum. After removal, they were sanded down, and refinished, luckily with very little repairs needed. The plank floors are in good condition and original.

The living room area – approximately 40m2, has half exposed brick wall – matte protective coating to omit dust. Warm white walls with highly contrasting black and red accents, plus a beautiful and effective all black feature wall.

Last Nights Lights

The kitchen was, naturally, more difficult in some ways. After removing the grey linoleum, the floor was completely black rubble. A frame was built, tiled in, and minor plumbing installed, as well as the stove. The sink has been set into an antique working desk as an interesting and unique way of creating counter space and storage. Same concept for the 1920’s display cabinet.

The front entrance is sunny and welcoming. This is room is 28 m2, with original 1 x 1 cm marble mosaic tiled floors. The concept was to recreate 1888 through wallpaper and furniture design. Thankfully, these floors were not covered and in excellent condition.

The studio space is 31 m2 and is also sunny, warm and inviting. There is 3 toned green leaf wallpaper and the floors have been restored. The crown molding throughout the entire space is in pristine condition and stunning.

Altered Space Gallery is located at Fichtestra├če 25, 10967. For inquiries, please email at: