Sarah B Bolen is a Berlin based, multi-disciplinary artist who’s primary focus is on installation art, Interior-Industrial Design, in conjunction with a 21 year career in tattooing. She immersed herself into the arts in the early 90’s with painting, illustration, sculpture and various experimentation in all kinds of mixed media. In 2006, Sarah began studying Interior Design in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, with yearly honours as one of the top students. This lead her to work directly with teachers and firms within the first semester and throughout the four years of studying.

During this time, she developed a special affinity for lighting design and restoration interior architecture, which lead her, ten years later, to the opening of Altered Space Gallery as a direct means to exercise and refine her unique skillsets. She is adept in all manners of construction, electrical and space planning, as well as refurbishing of furniture and lighting fixtures – a true ‘Jane of all Trades’.